Petrol Energy


Petrol Energy

Meruna, s.r.o is a distributor of Petrol Energy for Europe:
Germany, Poland, France, Netherlands, Moldova, Romania, Malta, Lithuania & Latvia.

Petrol Energy is a car fuel enrichener (used for petrol
and diesel engines) a New Zealand product designed to increase the efficiency
of fuel combustion. Safe for the environment, it reduces emissions and fuel
consumption, and extends engine life.

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Why use Petrol Energy ?

Lower fuel consumption

Petrol Energy is a unique combination of substances that affects fuel properties. Sold as tablets, the product dissolves quickly in fuel (effective for petrol and diesel oil) and is completely burned.

It has a cleaning action and forms a microfilm on, among others, pistons, combustion chamber and fuel injection systems. This enables the real reduction of fuel consumption by 5 to 15%. For annual run of 10 000 km (9% reduction in fuel consumption), this means savings within the range of EUR 150-200.

Increased efficiency and savings

Petrol Energy is an efficient and inexpensive way to improve car's performance and increase its power.

  • It protects valves and ensures clean fuel injection system.
  • It ensures extended life of fuel filter and oil.
  • It reduces soot accumulation in exhaust systems.
  • Environment protection

    Petrol Energy is a safe and environmentally clean means that leaves no residue or by-products in fuel tanks, engines, tubes or valves.

    The Petrol Energy enrichener has a significant impact on the reduction of emissions. 30%-50% reduction of emissions enables the user to have a real impact on cleaner air and healthier environment.